MMM100 Content Partner Program

Convert your videos directly into cash with MMM100.
With our content program, use your account on MMM100 to add your videos to our network .
You get payed for each view generated on / with your videos depending also the duration of your videos.
Generated money with our traffic, or promote your videos on MMM100 to make more money
Get 50% of membership incomes from your videos
Monthly payment, and real-time access to your statistics.
Account opening subject to validation, Beta Version of the program , limited amount of accounts for now

You have to own the rights of the videos you publish, and you have to be able to prove it .

Register a new Account

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How it works :

    3 Different publishing Mode :
  • FREE : Free for all
  • PRIVATE : Only for Registred free users
  • PREMIUM : Only for payed users

Getting Promo Traffic :

On all the pages from our network featuring your videos ,a promo link is showing up , pointing to the URL of your choice sending you some promo traffic to your url to male more $$$ .

Getting PAYED :

You get payed a flat rate with the free views your videos gets
You get 50% Revshare of membership from your own web traffic
Payout on request, Minimum Payout : $50


You must accept MMM100's Privacy Policy
You must be at least 18 years of age or the age of majority under the laws of your state, province or country
You must further provide all the information and documents requested by us, Prood if identdity and proof you own the rights of the content you are publishing
NO ILLEGAL CONTENT => reported to the competent authorities
We reserve the right to remove any content that we may find illegal, against our interest, or against MMM100's general thematic
Spamming , using bots, or any unusual requests made to the server will get you blocked, and might get you banned.